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Magnetic Door Locks are most commonly used for restricted areas where allow entry are for only employees/staff.

What Does the System Include:

  • Single surface maglock with 600lbs holding force
  • A Keypad
  • Emergency-Pull Station
  • Emergency-Pull Station

Benefits of Maglocks:

  • Enhanced Security – These locks are tamper-proof. It a better and more secure option than traditional locks.
  • Efficiency – The door automatically locks whenever you leave the office (e.g. washroom breaks, picking up mails, coffee/lunch breaks and meetings).
  • Versatility – The keypad can recognize up 500 different user codes. Each employee can have his/her different user code.
  • Convenience – No need to worry about losing or forgetting keys

How Does the System Work?

Maglocks use magnetic power to lock the door. These locks are made of high-quality stainless steel and durable. It is environmental friendly, silent and low in power consumption. The door can be open by a push button or remote release button.

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