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Hear What Other People Say about Us…

“I was referred to GESS Sound and Security by a business colleague. I called GESS on a Monday afternoon, the quote was given on Tuesday morning and the work completed on Tuesday afternoon. Speedy and efficient, excellent service. I could not be happier with the work!”

Fiona Kelly

Fiona Kelly, Retire-At-Home

“The installer was very helpful, and their quotes were clear, and easy to understand, the work was done on time and with minimum fuss. I would highly recommend GESS Sound & Security.”

Ian Mellor, Vice President
Ferguson Moving & Storage

“GESS team took our older outdated security system and upgraded all cameras to HD. Now we can see faces clearly and have a lot more security for our clients. In addition, we can access our system online from our smartphones and there’s no monthly fee to pay. Highly recommend for any business that cares about security for themselves or their clients or both.”

“Thanks for setting up the TV and the sound bar for me! I’m amazed how you managed to set all the cable box, telephone box and cables behide the TV very neatly, the end result is seamless and nice! You also made the time to explain and educate me about the height of the TV and sound bar and adjusted it to exactly where we wanted! Thanks for your professional work! Will definitely recommend your company to my friends and family!”

C. Lo
“I was looking for a security alarm at home to check the house at anytime. I was impressed but the way I got a walk through on choices and explained the process, Happy with the outcome and recommend a self monitored system and no monthly fee. i can check my house with my iphone. Very easy nowadays. Can’t go wrong with giving them a call.”
Steve C.
“Thanks for the new lock system, works great, cost was within another verbal quote, every one here has found it easy to use, we have no issues, program the system once I figured it out is easy (not being a tech wizard).”

Good Job

Larry LaPorte
Crematorium Manager
3789 Royal Oak Ave.
Burnaby BC

Larry LaPorte, Crematorium Manager, West Coast Crematorium
“We had a great experience working with GESS. Very professional and knowledgeable in the system installed. The work was done in a prompt and timely manner. Schedule meeting is always on time. I would have no problem working with GESS again or suggesting the company to my friends and business partners.”
Alex S., AARC West
“I would like to thank your company for the excellent work in installing our security system. I was impressed by the technician’s attention to detail, his work ethic and his level of professionalism. The technician was also extremely helpful in answering all our questions and making sure everything ran smoothly before he left. Furthermore, he did not hesitate to accommodate any changes we needed. Once again we at Rakia Recruiting would like to thank you for the excellent service provided by GESS Sound & Security and we will not hesitate to contact you for your services in the future.”
Amir Marciano, Rakia Recruiting
GESS Sound & Security installed the intercom and maglock systems for our office in Downtown.

With the maglock system installed, I no longer have to kneel down and physically lock the door every time I leave the office for a quick bite, a meeting or for bathroom breaks…

I absolutely love the intercom system, the design is so sleek and I’m able to see who is at the door without needing to get up and open the door.

It provides me with a sense of security because I often work late nights at the office. The system is so simple to use, with the touch of a button I can release the door after I’ve seen who’s there.

Overall, I am very satisfied with GESS and their attention to detail. I highly recommend their services for your security needs!

Jewel Tolentino Co-Founder of

Jewel Tolentino, Essetino Artists
“GESS has been very professional. Our job was complicated and long running working with other contractors. Always patient and committed, GESS has been a delight to work with!!!”
“I am highly satisfied with the service that GESS Sound & Security provided. My husband goes overseas for work quite often and so we had a security system installed. The GESS team was extremely efficient at getting the job done and they are so pleasant to work with. They took the time to carefully explain how everything works, including how I could manage the entire system from my iPhone (thank goodness because I’m not very tech saavy!).

Trustworthy. Reliable. Quality work.

I would definitely hire them again.”

“It is a great pleasure for me to write this reference for GESS. I am compelled to say that working with GESS company is an absolute pleasure, everything is upbeat and up-front. Guy has a pleasant and kind personality that made us feel very comfortable. He is a problem solver, serious about his profession and work well independently. As IACI president, I would like to further recommended GESS to all units in our building of 938 Howe Street, Vancouver. Since their first project with us, many offices has acquired their services. I am glad to see GESS Sound & Security has been recognized for his expertise, I am sure I’ll be reading GESS Sound & Security company names more often.”

Yours Sincerely, IACI-CANADA-USA
Phone: (604) 408 2728

Michael, IACI
“Great customer service! The installers were very efficient and addressed all my questions and concerns.”
Leslie C.
“I have had GESS security for about 10 months now and they are amazing. I am only home 2 weeks a month. Whenever there is a false alarm, we get an email from our phone no matter where we are and I couldn’t be more pleased with the service GESS has provided us!”
E. Dubray
The alarm system is great! No issues and easy to use.
“I had a security camera installed for my office by GESS and I was so impressed by the professionalism. The staff are very friendly and knowledgable. I would definitely recommend their service and would call them again for my audio / visual / security needs.”
Marie B.