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Security Access Control



You can learn and manage who enters and leaves your business with a GESS Security access control system.

Reduce Loss and Track Time and Attendance!


Key Features

  • Complete flexibility – access can be granted to users according to time and place
  • Protect employees, visitors, property and sensitive information – security of the building is always maintained
  • Control/lock/unlock all doors from any computer remotely
  • Gates and barriers can be controlled with hands free technology
  • Increase security and decrease cost: When a swipe card or fob is missing or stolen, simply deactivate the card/swipe instead of replacing or re-key the door with a brand new lock.
  • Produce a time log indicating who is present. This is useful when employers want to track their employees
  • Easy integration with intruder, fire alarm and CCTV Surveillance systems.
  • Soft migrate from existing systems using existing readers and card / fobs


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