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Health Canada has announced that all license applicants for cultivation, processing cannabis for recreational or medical purposes, or selling cannabis for medical purpose will now be required to complete the construction of their cannabis facility prior to the submission and review of their application.

We work with a Canadian cannabis regulatory consulting company to design and deliver a sound and compliant security system for your site evidence package. We use the latest technology in this quickly-changing industry to provide you the best and cost-effect systems.


Surveillance system for any medical marijuana dispensary, retail marijuana store, grow and processing facility is required by Health Canada. Our security experts will assist in you in selecting the appropriate system, camera placement, training and security integration with other security features of your business.


Alarms monitoring is a critical function of your integrated security solution. GESS offers CCTV and alarm monitoring. Our focus on the needs of the cannabis industry is critical to ensuring that your business is protected. This is especially important for growers, producers, and processors that do not operate 24/7 and have hours where no staff is on-site.

Trust those that know how best to help. Give us a call today. We have proven experience in ensuring compliance in Canadian cannabis industry.

We are extremely impressed with GESS Security’s attention to detail, service, and quality of work. If anyone is looking for a security integrator that is able to do the work quickly and accurately, look no further! Going with someone who is knowledgeable in the secret art of cannabis security will save the company time and money, not to mention frustration and delays.
Tom Ulanowski, MSc, C.Chem

President, Nexleaf Labs Ltd.


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